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Flat Wiper Blade

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Flat Wiper Blade

Flat Wiper Blade        

1. Using the most popular of the international non-structural design of bone-scraping, scraping film ends and the middle of all sites using Braille welding, solid and reliable. 2. Unique locking pin connector means to apply different models. And the installation quick, simple, safe and reliable. 3. Aerodynamic principles used in the designs of high-speed driving, the film will not be blowing air uplift, scraping swab to ensure that more clearly. 4. Memory alloy-quality spring steel, effective life extension. 5. Wiper plastic strips and film coverage of the gold-bearing spring rubber, have adopted anti-ozone and UV-resistant ability of the formula to global different climatic conditions. inch 16?24?

Flat Wiper Blade product offered by Ningbo Lusheng Auto Parts Factory

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